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The Cinema and Technocultural Studies (CaTS) program combines the study of audio-visual and digital media, theories about such media, and the relevant modes of artistic practice and production. CaTS thus integrates the analysis of audio-visual and digital texts with their theoretical underpinnings and their methods of production. The program also addresses the particular impact that technology has on culture in its many forms and fields.

CaTS faculty interweave teaching and research on these histories, theories, and practices. Current fields for teaching and research in CaTS include the history and analysis of film and video, film and video production, electronic music, digital content creation and design, the digital arts, community media and activism, animation, and photography—as well as the theories and politics of these various areas.

The courses of study in Cinema and Technocultural studies remain the majors and minors of Film Studies and Technocultural Studies. See our Academics area for details about these courses of study.