Sean Feit Oakes

Sean works in contemplative performance using the tools of multidisciplinary theatre and spiritual practice, including music composition & improvisation, immersive environments, Buddhist meditation, dance and moving.


Sean Feit Oakes is a composer and multi-instrumentalist working in performance art and movement-based theatre. He studies music composition at California Institute of the Arts (BFA, 1993) and Cornell University (Graduate Fellowship, 1995-6). He co-directed RUJEKO Performance Collaboration for 7 years, is currently a member of Keith Hennessy’s Circo Zero, and studying toward a PhD, focusing on contemplative performance and the relationship between spiritual practice and artistic process. Sean has danced and made music solo and with Scott Wells, Angus Balbernie, the Bodycartography Project, Leslie Seiters, and Keith Hennessy, winning and Isadora Duncan Dance Award in 2008 fr his original music for Hennessy’s Sol Niger. He has also practiced Buddhist meditation and Yoga since 1993, teaches both, and in 2002 was a monk in Burma. He continues to be informed by the disciplines of meditation, improvisation and Authentic Movement, as well as the Bhakti and Hatha paths of Yoga.

Current Activities

In addition to beginning the PhD program in Performance Studies, Sean teaches ongoing meditation and yoga classes at Yoga Mandala in Berkeley and San Francisco Insight, focusing on the integration of yoga and meditation practice, and the devotional Path of Bhakti Yoga. He leads kirtan (chanting), and maintains a regular silent retreat practice. He is recording a CD of Buddhist chanting, and planning a research trip to Sri Lanka. Sean studies piano with Myra Melford, focuses his research on improvisers and mystics (Art Ensemble of Chicago and lineage, Morton Feldman), and is working on an immersive midnight performance installation and a very slow dance opera.

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