Program Information and Forms for Faculty (DOwnload)

Conduct of Final PhD Oral Examination
Dissertation Guidelines
Dissertation Prospectus
Evaluation for 1st-Year PhD Examination
1st-Year Exam Rubric
Graduate Group in Performance Studies Bylaws
Graduate Group in Performance Studies Degree Requirements
Mentoring guidelines (see Student Handbook)Mentoring guidelines (see Student Handbook)

Graduate Group Quarterly Report on Student
Practice as Research Guidelines
Qualifying Examination Sample Letter

Qualifying Examination Procedures
Qualifying Examination

Office of Graduate Studies Forms for Faculty 

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Selected items from the OGS materials can be reached by following the links below:
Graduate Studies Advisers Handbook PhD
Report of Final Examination for PhD Plan C
OGS annual progress reports
PhD Candidacy Plan C
Petition for Exception To Policy
Qualifying Exam App PhD