Eric Taggart

Eric Taggart is an interdisciplinary artist and licensed psychotherapist in private practice.


Eric’s artmaking, clinical work and academic research are organized around the material aesthetics of psychoanalysis. He is in private practice in Davis and San Francisco, and his project is an aesthetic (mis)translation of developmental attachment theory into a feminist materialist revision of the psychoanalytic project.

Current Activities

Eric is currently working on a critical aesthetic recuperation of archival training videos of the Strange Situation Experiment (Ainsworth) and infant-(m)other microanalyses (Beebe). He also researches the performativity of transference — the patient’s adaptive unconscious performance of relational history with the therapist.

Eric likes sitting in the sun, social justice, sublimation, dark chocolate, process theology, womb-envy, encouragement, dymaxion maps, bedtime stories, the way the banjo sounds, attachment theory, throwing children in the air and gratitude. He and his partner have five children and live in Davis.

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