duskin drum

duskin drum was made by and by the forest and the sea and the people and the petroleum; duskin is part of the making.

Duskin DrumBiography

born on a small forested island in the salish sea, duskin’s work circulates around and through practices of ecological tuning. he thinks and feels with politics of anthropogenic climate changed, daoist analytics, itinerancy, and social transformation through collective practices with non-humans and more-than-humans.

Current Activities

His current research and performance practice focuses on ecological philosophy, petroleum performance, and indigenous deontic interruption. duskin describes petroleum performance as art and rhetoric about petroleum, technical operations of petroleum infrastructure, and everyday performances and practices capacitated by petroleum. His art works and performance includes puppet shows, street performances, dance, posters, ecological sculpture and theatre. duskin’s work questions and explores the interactions and relations, discursive and material, among human and non-human entities.

‘sad penguins’ performed at: Listening to the Earth II: Temporalities, Kunming Markets, and The Projects, Portland.

Book cover art: ‘raven steals pipeline’ in Deep Routes: The Midwest in All Directions.

Silkscreen print ‘beyond 99%’ featured in Architecture Design: Scarcity: Architecture in an Age of Depleting Resources (2012). Presented at Feb 2013 Conference on Ecopoetics.

Affinity groups/collective entanglements: SF Heights Society, Streetopia, Lijiang Studio, Compass Collaborators, Katalog, Taller Imagen Tiempo.

Practice as Research project: change(d), May 24-26, 2013, Wright Hall Arena Theatre, presented by the Institute for Exploration in Theatre, Dance, and Performance.