Performance Studies Optional Core Units: PFS 259

Electives vary with individual faculty and from year to year. They have included such courses as:

Contemporary Performance’ ( Professor Bogad)
Feminist Theory and Performance’ ( Professor Hunter)
Postcolonial Performance’ (Professor Cabranes Grant)
Identity issues in Performance’ (Professor Rossini)
Film and the Performance of Race in the USA’ (Professor Wilderson)
Theatre as Performance in the Twentieth Century’ (Professor Lichtenfels)
Experimental Documentary’ (Professor Wyman)

Electives Faculty-Wide

African American and African Studies

AAS155A:African American Dance and Culture

Art History

AHI 251: Seminar in Tribal Arts
AHI 254: Seminar in Classical Art
AHI 263: Seminar in Chinese Art
AHI 276: Seminar in Medieval Art
AHI 278: Seminar in Italian Renaissance Art
AHI 283: Seminar in Visual Culture and Gender
AHI 288: Seminar in European and American Architecture
AHI 290: Special Topics in Art History

Art Studio

ART290: Seminar
ART299: Individual Study
ART401: Museum Training: Curatorial Principles
ART402: Museum Training: Exhibition Methods

East Asian Languages and Cutlures

CHI103: Modern Chinese Drama

Communication Studies

CMN 201: Perspectives on Strategic Communication
CMN 220: Persuasion Theories
CMN 230: Theories of Social Interaction
CMN 231: Theories of Interpersonal Influence
Comparative Literature
COM 210: Topics and Themes in Comparative Literature

Cultural Studies

CST 212: Studies of Rhetorics and Culture
CST 214: Studies in Political and Cultural Representation

Critical Theory

CRI200A: Approaches to Critical Theory
CRI200B: Nietzche and the 20th Century

Theatre and Dance

DRA221A: Advanced Acting
DRA224: Design Series Lighting, Costume, Sets
DRA250: Modern Theatre
DRA251: Scoring and Scripting
DRA252: Space, Place and Time
DRA255: Composing


ENL161A: Film History I
ENL161B: Film History II
ENL162: Film Theory and Criticism
ENL233: Problems in American Literature
ENL262: Sexuality and Temporality
ENL298: Digital Humanities: Introduction and Methods

Exercise Science

EXS201: Exercise Cardiorespiratory Physiology
EXS206: Exercise Metabolism
EXS227: Techniques in Biomechanics

Film Studies

FMS 124: Special topics in US film history
FMS 127: Film Theory
FMS176A: Classic Weimar Cinema


FRE102: Introduction to French Drama
FRE117A: Baroque and Preclassicism
FRE117B: The Classical Moment
FRE125: French Literature and the Other Arts
FRE130: From Page to Stage: Theatre and Theatricality
FRE206A: Seventeenth-Century French Literature: Theatre
FRE209B: Twentieth-Century: Theatre
FRE212: Studies in the Theater


GER241: The German Drama


ITA115C: Italian Drama from Machiavelli to the Enlightenment
ITA120B: Italian Literature of the Twentieth Century: Poetry and Drama
ITA150:  Studies in Italian Cinema


MUS210A: Ethnomusicology
MUS210B: Theory
MUS210C: Historical Musicology
MUS221: Topic Seminars
MUS222: Topic Seminars
MUS 148 (2 units): Hindustani Vocal Ensemble
MUS 223: Musical Ethnography as Practice and Genre

Native American Studies

NAS125: Performance and Culture Among Native Americans
NAS188: Native American Literature in Performance
NAS224: Performance in the Americas

Performance Studies

PFS259: Contemporary Performance
PFS259: Feminist Theory and Performance
PFS259: Experimental Documentary
PFS265A: Modes of Production
PFS265B: Signification and the Body
PFS265C: Performance and Society
PFS265D: Theories of Performance

Religious Studies

REL 210 Religion Without a Book


SPA257: Spanish Literature of the Renaissance and Golden Age: Drama
SPA 274: Latin American Studies

Technocultural Studies

TCS 101: Experimental Digital Cinema
TCS 125: Advanced Sound Performance
TCS151: Topics in Virtuality
TCS 152: New Trends in Technocultural Arts
TCS 153: Innovative Soundtracks
TCS 20X: Reading New Media Through Sound

Women’s Studies 

WMS 200A: Feminist Theory
WMS 201: Special Topics in Feminist Theory