Graduate Group in Performance Studies Degree Requirements

Curriculum & Teaching

The PhD in Performance Studies is a four to five year program. In the first two years of study, students develop an understanding of performance by drawing from a range of regular course offerings in the field to identify, explore, and define a field or fields of research. Students are required to complete four core courses out of nine. Each individual program is then built from seminar and/or practice as research courses, as well as independent or group studies. Students are required to complete a minimum of 60 units before taking the qualifying examination. No more than 12 units may be taken below the graduate level unless specifically approved by the PhD graduate program adviser. All students are required to have a good reading knowledge of a language other than English; ideally, this language should be one relevant to the field of dissertation research. This requirement should be passed by the end of the second year of study, and must be passed before the student will be approved to take qualifying examination. Students passing the language requirement with course work taken at another institution must demonstrate that this course work is sufficiently recent to demonstrate a useful working knowledge of the language for scholarly purposes.
Please see the Student Handbook on the ‘Info for Students’ page for further details.

Teaching Assistantships 

As part of a funded program of study, students may be required to accept a teaching assistantship (TA) appointment for at least one year, and for many students TA work will be the primary source of funding. This requirement may be waived in individual cases by petitioning the Graduate Group Main Adviser. Students are not required to accept teaching appointments if they are not receiving commensurate support in the form of a teaching assistantship or other funding. The University offers several courses to train Teaching Assistants. Students have to take one of these courses during the first term of their first year, and are encouraged to take on further training sessions throughout their PhD program. Should students be formally offered teaching assistantships at lower than 50%, they are required to add any TA work that is offered later in the year, up to 50%. This may require the rescinding of any block grant allocation. Petition may be made to the Graduate Group Main Adviser should the student feel that undue hardship will result.

Teaching Policy

Graduate students are normally limited by University policy to 15 quarters of contracted employment.
In order to be appointed or reappointed, graduate students must be in good academic standing and must be progressing satisfactorily toward the doctorate. Good academic standing includes maintaining a grade point average of at least 3.0 on the 4.0 scale. The Graduate Studies Division restricts graduate student employment at the University to 50% time.