Current and Future courses (extended abstracts at bottom of page)
Spring 2018
PFS 265 B – Signification and the Body, Maxine Craig
MUS 221 – Topics in Music History, Carol Hess
MUS 223 – Ethnomusicology, Juan Diego Diaz
CRI 200C – Sovereignty, Kriss Ravetto
FMS 125 – Epic Television: The Golden Age of TV? Jaimey Fisher

Summer 2018 


Winter 2018
GER 241 –  The German Drama: The Anti-Aristotelian Tradition, Gail Finney
MUS 210C – Proseminar in Ethnomusicology, Henry Spiller
AHI 190/290 – Cultural Heritage in Wartime Professor Watenpaugh
CRD 249  – Innovative Media and Community Development  Jesse Drew
PFS 259 – Trans Feminist Performance: Queering Ecology Jean Vaccaro
PFS 259 – Voice For Performance Margaret Kemp
PFS 259 – First Person: Embodiment and Performativity in Virtual Reality Patrick LeMieux
PFS 265A (CRI 200C) – History of Critical Theory, Kriss Ravetto-BiagioliE
N 290 – Creative Writing: Hybrid Writing Practices Corin, Lucy
PFS 265C (NAS 224) – Performance in the Americas Zoila Mendoza
CDM 163 – Between the White Cube and the Black Box Fiamma di Montezemolo
EDU 230 – Critical Race Theory in Education, Patricia Quijada
WMS 201 – Feminist Science and Democracy.  Sara Giordano
Fall 2017
MUS 210B – Proseminar in Musicology/Criticism, Beth Levy
PFS 298 Sec. 10 – Performance Writing, Jon D. Rossini
W 12:10-2:00 PM Wright 222 CRN: 54493
DES 225 – Studio Practice in Design, Glenda Drew
M 9-11:50 AM Cruess Hall 256
AHI 200A – Visual Theory, Professor Watenpaugh
TR 3:10-6 PM

STS 200 – Theories and Methods in Science and Technology Studies, Colin Milburn
T 9 AM-12 PM STS Seminar Room (SS&H 1246)
REL 230F- Visual, Cultural, Media Technology Circulation of Culture: South Asian Documentary Cinema, Gargi Sen W 3:10-6:00 PM
GER297 – Graduate Film Studies; The Case of Cinema in Germany, Professor Fisher
ENL 280:  Digitizing the Early Modern M 12:10-3:00 PM

Spring 2017

WMS 200B 001 – Feminist Research – Rana Jaleel
MUS 221 – Music and Nature/Ecomusicology – Beth Levy
FMS ??? – Graduate Film Studies: The Case of Cinema in Germany  – Jaimey Fisher
DRA 158 – Tactical Performance – Lawrence Bogad

Winter 2017
PFS 259 / DRA 253 – Larry Bogad – Approaches to Collaboration: Performance of Non-Fiction – Wed 10-12:50pm
PFS / DRA 265A –  Lynette Hunter –  M 2:10 – 5, Wright 220
PFS 259 –  Gina Bloom – Theorizing Media and Performance – W 2:10 – 5, 248 Voorhies
GSW 200A – Feminist Theory – Wendy Ho
GSW  – Beth Freeman (ENL) –
CRI 200A – Kris Fallon (CDM) – Approaches to Critical Theory –  Wednesdays, 2:10-5:00pm
ANT 210 – Cristiana Giordano (ANT) – Affect and Representation
Fall 2016
PFS 200 – Fiamma Montezemolo (CDM) – (Core) Methods and Matters – Tue 2:10 – 5 PM
ANT 210 – Joseph Dumit (STS/ANT) & Joe Masco – Conspiracy/Theory – Wed 12:10-3 PM
ANT 201 – Tarek Elhaik (ANT) – Reading Ethnography – Wed 9-11:50 AM
GER 262 – Gail Finney – Studies in Turn-of-the-Century Culture – Wed 2-5 PM
CST 204 – Christina Perez (visiting scholar) – History and Theory of Sexualities
Art History 200A -Heghnar Watenpaugh – Visual Theory – Wed 2:10-5 PM
ANT ??? – Cristiana Giordano, Greg Perotti – Research, Narrative, and Performance – Weekends (see below)
SOC 292a -Laura Grindstaff – Field Methods – Wed 3:10-6pm
ENL 262 -Danielle Heard – Lady Sings the Blues: Blues, Literature, and Black Feminism


Winter 2016
PFS 259 – Lynette Hunter – Contemporary Performance
PFS 265C – Larry Bogad – Performance and Society
Fall 2015
PFS 200 –  Lynette Hunter – Methods and Materials in Theatre Research
Spring 2015
PFS 265B – Maxine Craig – Signification and Body
Winter 2015
PFS 265A – Lynette Hunter- Modes of Production
PFS 259 – Larry Bogad – Contemporary Performance

Spring 2018 – Abstracts

MUS 221 Topics in Music History, Carol Hess M 2:10-5:00 pm CRN: 71553

This course explores music of the Americas in terms of reception, politics, and where applicable, cultural diplomacy.

MUS 223 Ethnomusicology, Juan Diego Diaz T 1:10 – 4:00 pm CRN: 81997

For the Spring term I am considering offering a seminar on groove studies where we will explore the following questions: What is musical groove? Why do we feel compelled to move to groove-based musics? What in the music produces the groove effect? and, What meanings do we give to this experience? We will explore these questions from various perspectives including analysis of musical structure, music cognition, embodied experience, and cultural and historical contexts.

PFS 265 B Signification and the Body CRN 74044 1:10 – 4:00 pm Tuesdays Wright 220

This course is designed with the assumption that seminar participants will approach this material from different starting points, including varied disciplinary, performing, and experiential backgrounds, and theoretical orientations. We all have bodies and do our work as embodied thinkers and will bring those personal histories of practice and intellectual trajectories to the seminar. The readings assembled in the syllabus provide an array of ways to think about bodies and embodiment. We will read them for what they allow us to see and say about bodies, and consider where they have us look as they attempt to show us something about bodies. How are bodies known? How do bodies make themselves known? Some of the time we will have to ask where the bodies are in a text. Or, when certain bodies are highly visible, ask which bodies are missing. The body is a site where status inequalities and boundaries are formed, suffered, upheld, and transgressed. We will consider the meanings that get attached to bodies, the consequences of the meanings, and how these meanings are perpetuated, amplified, resisted, played with and performed.