Carolina Novella

Performance as Action-Research. What does it mean to engage in dialogue and research through the body? How is it done in a dance-performance laboratory? And how do we (bodies who move together) engage in collective processes to challenge and transform body-based (gender, medicalization) violence?


Caro Novella is a Spanish communication for social change  (CFSC)  practitioner/researcher and performance artist/dancer/activist exploring  body-based performance as a participatory-critical tool and interested  in feminist theory and research. She has practiced CFSC since 1998  gradually incorporating body-based participatory events and processes  for awareness raising and social mobilization. She has worked  internationally with groups focusing on Community health, youth  development and risk reduction, sexual and reproductive health and  gender-based violences. She has participated in community-health-theatre groups in Burkina Faso, investigated dance-based-youth/education in Colombia and Spain, participated in community-dance processes with Liz Lerman Dance Exchange and Urban Bush Women in the US and developed movement-based workshops and laboratories as dialogical tools against patriarchal violence in Spain. She has conducted and presented her research on dance for social change in Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Kenya and the US.



In recent years, as a member of feminist and activist groups (feministas indignadas, m@nstruas? OncoGrrrls) Caro has organized workshops and presented performance pieces revealing capital, state and patriarchal based violences in public streets, feminist events and encuentros. Her latest work focuses on the privatization of health system in Spain and the pink ribbon-cancer/culture’ and its violence against women.

Current Activities

She is currently developing dance laboratories with women diagnosed of breast cancer. She understands these processes of body-based engagement as action-research projects where research, activism and performance intertwine. Part of this work is the award winning video-dance piece (Parenthesis) and can be followed by following this link.