_DSC0886Arielle Estrada is a documentary filmmaker who has experience teaching in storytelling and film workshops, organizing film-related events, as well as in video editing and film preservation.

She is working on an experimental and partly animated ethnographic film in Peru, about a contemporary healing figure (curandero) who carries on a tradition of plant spirits while adapting and performing practices in the context of a tourism boom in the Amazon.

Through the lens of performance, she is interested in researching strategies by which individuals or groups of people, challenge identity assignments in contemporary societies – whether these are cultural, race or gender categories. She explores how these strategies can be inserted both in political and creative processes, and how they can be reflected in a global context as well as at a micro and personal narrative scale.

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Arielle holds two Master’s degrees from Southern France universities : one in Social Anthropology from Bordeaux University, the other in Documentary Filmmaking from the Ecole Documentaire de Lussas.