Moradewun Adejunmobi (African American and African Studies)
Multilingualism, translation, and intercultural communication in postcolonial societies; Literacy studies; African literature; African popular film and culture; Francophone studies

Emily Albu (Classics)
Medieval cartography; classical receptions; film and the classical world

 Ines Hernández-Avila  (Native American Studies)
Contemporary Native American women’s literature; Mexico’s contemporary movement of writers in indigenous languages; Native American religious traditions: Native American women’s and Chicana spiritualities; creative writing/poetry/short fiction; the retrieval of Nez Perce family/tribal history.

Susan Avila (Design)
Surface design, textile art, textile design, fashion design, history of fashion.

Gina Bloom (English)
theater history and theory; games and/as theater; media studies; virtual and augmented reality technologies in performance; amateur performance; gesture studies; embodiment; gender and sexuality; voice and sound; Shakespeare

Larry Bogad (Theatre and Dance)
Electoral guerrilla theatre in recent democracies, oppositional performance and social movements, tactical performance.

Stephanie Boluk (English and Cinema and Digital Media)
Videogames, electronic literature, alternative currencies, and the culture of work and financialization in digital economies.

Ryan Lee Cartwright (American Studies)
Disability studies, feminist and queer studies, gender and sexuality studies, U.S. cultural history, geographies of social difference, modern histories of the rural U.S., digital public history, politics of knowledge production.

Seeta Chaganti (English)
Poetic and visual representations of dance in the late Middle Ages; their role in the modern construction of medieval studies.

Liz Constable (Women and Gender Studies)
Transcolonial and transnational studies; feminist and queer literary, cultural, and film theories; contemporary European cinemas, particularly women directors; psychoanalysis and culture

Lucy Corin (English)
Creative writing (novel & short story); contemporary fiction.

Maxine Craig (Women and Gender Studies)
Intersections of race, gender,and class; the body including movement in everyday life, masculinities.
Graduate Students: Amber Muller, Emma Waldron

Juan Diego Diaz (Music)

Music and identity in the black Atlantic, particularly in Brazil and West Africa; African diaspora; Capoeira music and performance; Musical groove; Phenomenology of the body.

Jesse Drew (Cinema and Digital Media)
Theory and practice of alternative and community media, particularly electronic media. Practices such as blogging, Low Power FM Radio, social computer networking, cable/satellite television, peer-to-peer computing, and on-line activism, within an increasingly atomized civil society.

Joseph Dumit (Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies)
Brain Images; Patient Movements; Pharmaceutical Marketing; Cyborgs and Substances; Fracking Games; Improvisation; Fascia; Contact Improvisation; Pokemon; Plastic Neuroscience; Immersive Visualization; Modding and Moving

Tarik Elhaik (Anthropology)
Fieldwork in Mexico where he was particularly attentive to the formal inquiries, image-making processes, and writings of both curators and media artists, including experimental filmmakers, installation and performance artists, currently conducting research in Rome.

Kris Fallon (Cinema & Digital Media)
Digital cultures, documentary practices across photography, film and digital media, and places established modes of representation alongside emergent media such as data visualization and virtual environments.

Gail Finney (German)
Dynamics of gender identity and family relationships in modernist plays; film, photography, cabaret performance, architecture, painting, television, theater, print advertising, dance, and cartography from the perspectives of aesthetics, gender and sexuality, and politics.

Jaimey Fisher (German)
Associate Professor co-appointed in German and Cinema and Cinema and Digital Media Studies. Film and media studies, German literature, and intellectual history; contemporary German cinema.

Cristiana Giordano (Anthropology)
Medical and psychological anthropology; psychoanalysis; ethno-psychiatry; subjectivity; theories of translation; migration; human rights; citizenship; anthropology of the state and the law; Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean.
Graduate Students: Eric Taggart

David Grenke (Theatre & Dance)
Embodied knowledge, performance and performativity in dance and choreography

Laura Grindstaff (Sociology)
Cultural studies, popular culture, media, inequality Theory: feminist theory, queer theory, social theory.

Noah Guynn (French)
Medieval and early modern French literature, theater, and culture. Ethics and politics in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century farce; medieval romance, Molière, and the Theater of the Absurd.

Danielle Heard (English)
African American literature and culture with a focus on black cultural theory and studies of political and cultural identity; American, U.S. ethnic, transpacific literatures and cultures; feminism, cultural studies, humor studies, disability studies, sonic and visual culture, Buddhism and eastern spirituality.
Graduate Students: Sarah Haughn,

James Housefield (Design, Art History)
History of modern & contemporary art & design. Museums, narrative environments, and experience design. Book design after Mallarmé.

Lynette Hunter (Performance Studies, Theatre and Dance)
Rhetoric of western democratic politics in writing genres and performance modes; sixteenth century liberal democratic rhetoric and its constraints on participation of different global communities; diversity and the creation of value through performance. Feminism, history of science and medicine, food studies, situated knowledge, Daoist movement and philosophy.
Graduate StudentsIlya NoéCaro NovellaKevin O’Connor, Nicole PeislJohn Zibell, Heather Nolan

Naomi Janowitz (Religious Studies)
Religions of Late Antiquity; methods for the study of religion, psychoanalytic approaches to religion.

Susan Kaiser (Women and Gender Studies)
Social psychology of clothing; fashion and feminist theory; dress and the African diaspora network; sustainable fashion systems.

Margaret Laurena Kemp (Theatre and Dance)
Research/performance practice exploring how science and systems of social engineering manipulate voice, breath, flesh and the natural world. Voice, speech, movement and acting. Incorporating and re-contextualizing interdisciplinary topics such as Identity, Critical Race Theory, Pastoral Theory, Accents-Dialects, Vernacular Dance, Contemporary Heightened text and Shakespearean Text, Solo Performance and Devised Theatre.

Elisabeth Krimmer (German)
Gender and film studies, the history and representation of violence and warfare, German literature and culture from the eighteenth century to the present.

Michael Lazzara (Spanish and Portugese)
Memory Studies; Human Rights; contemporary Latin America, particularly the countries of the Southern Cone; art, literature, film and performance as forms of grappling with individual and collective traumas; revolutions, dictatorships, and transitions to democracy.

Patrick LeMieux (Cinema and Digital Media)
Game designer and media theorist with research interests in critical code studies, digital technology, game studies, meta-gaming and modding.

Tim Lenoir (Cinema and Digital Media, Science and Technology Studies)
The history of biomedical research from the 19th century to present, the military-entertainment complex, development of computer graphics, medical visualization technology, and virtual reality and its applications in surgery and other fields.

Beth Levy (Music)
Twentieth-century American composers and the mythology of the American West; eighteenth- and nineteenth-century aesthetics, reception history, and representations of music in literature.

Peter Lichtenfels (Theatre and Dance, )
Shakespeare, contemporary performance, devised theatre and dance, alternative theatres, theatre directing, and theories of acting.
Graduate Students: Tom Burmester, Álvaro Hernández, Lisa Quoresimo, Sarah Thompson, Ante Ursic

Sheldon Lu (Comparative Literature)
World cinema, Postsocialist cinema, Transnational Chinese cinemas, Modern Chinese literature and visual culture, Traditional Chinese narrative, Cultural theory, Globalization studies, East-West comparative poetics.

Darrin Martin (Art Studio)
Video, sculpture, installation, exploring how technologies are used to attempt to measure and augment, our daily perceptions. Collaborative building of diverse speculative fictions around re-imagined educational practices.

Laurie San Martin (Music)
Music Composition, Theory, Analysis and Performance. Intersections of contemporary classical music with theatre, art, poetry.

Zoila S. Mendoza (Native American Studies)
Sociocultural Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Performance and Dance Studies, Performance Practices in the Americas, particularly music, dance and festivals in Peru and the rest of the Andean region, Quechua language.

Beth Rose Middleton (Native American Studies)
Native environmental policy, Native activism for site protection, intergenerational trauma and healing, rural environmental justice, indigenous analysis of climate change, Afro-indigeneity, and qualitative GIS.

Colin Milburn  (English)
Cultural relations between literature, science, and technology; science fiction; gothic horror; the history of biology; the history of physics; nanotechnology; video games; and posthumanism.
Graduate Students: Colin Johnson

Elizabeth Carolyn Miller (English)
Nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century British literature, culture, and politics; gender studies; film and visuality; print culture and media studies; late-Victorian dramatic revival and the socialist movement; Shaw, Wilde and Ibsen.

Fiamma Montezemolo (Cinema and Digital Media)
Cultural anthropology and border studies. As a practitioner, works with various media, including installation, cartography, video, digital photography, archives, and ethnography.

Michael Neff (Cinema and Digital Media, Computer Science)
Computing science and the arts, culture and the environment; tools for character animation and understanding movement; expressive aspects of motion, applying lessons from the performing arts to the creation of computational tools and the use of physical simulation to improve the quality of animations; gesture, non-verbal communication and biomechanics.

Bob Ostertag (Cinema and Digital Media Studies, Music)
Composer, performer, instrument builder, journalist, activist, historian, kayak instructor; unorthodox digital sampling and recording, multimedia performance with sound,image and live performance, design of performance software and instruments.

Jessica Bissett Perea (Native American Studies)
I am an interdisciplinary scholar whose work intersects the larger fields of Native American & Indigenous Studies and Music & Sound Studies. My research, teaching, and service priorities are informed by my lived experiences and academic training. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and raised on my ancestral Dena’ina (Athabascan) homelands forty miles north in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. I am an enrolled member of the Knik Tribe and a shareholder in Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (an Alaska Native Corporation). I studied double bass and vocal performance, music education, and history.

Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli (Cinema and Digital Media, Science & Technology Studies)
Her research focuses on representations and theorizations of sexual violence in film, mainstream media, online, and photography; Identity politics in the post-Soviet reconfiguration of Europe; Nation building, ethnocentric and sexual violence in the Balkans and Eastern Europe; Sexualization and aestheticization of Nazism, fascism and “The Final Solution.”
Graduate Students: John Zibell

Annabeth Rosen (Art Studio)
Ceramic sculpture, intellectual history, performance modes and performance art.

Jon D. Rossini (Theatre and Dance) 
Performance Theory, History and Criticism. Intersections of ethnicity and performance, especially in contemporary Chicana/o and Latina/o Theatre. The epistemology of theatre as well as theories of neoliberalism, space, and identity.
Graduate Students: Dennis Somera; Sarah Hart

Simon Sadler (Design, Art History)
Modern architecture and urbanism, modernism, guerilla architecture, concepts of the avant garde.

John Slater (Spanish and Portuguese)
Early modern Spanish natural history, medicine, and alchemy; Seventeenth-century Spanish drama; Translation and the circulation of natural knowledge; Historiography and early modern historiographic theories.

Eric Smoodin (American Studies)
American and French film history from 1895 to 1960, with a special emphasis on the film industry, film audiences, and the history of film studies as an academic discipline.

Brett Snyder (Design)
Intersection of architecture and media. Recent projects include Smart Sidewalks, a winning entry to the NYC Reinvent Payphones competition, Museum of the Phantom City an architectural iPhone app to view visionary but un-built architecture, and S.Alt City an interactive building mural in Syracuse, New York. Current work focused on issues around water and drought and ways that participatory design can enhance our relationship to the environment.

Henry Spiller (Music)
Ethnomusicology, Sundanese music and dance from West Java, Indonesia; individual deployment of music and dance in personal lives to articulate ethnic, gender, and national identities; constructions of masculinity in Sundanese men’s improvisational dance; 20th-century North Americans attraction to Javanese music and dance. Gamelan musical performance.
Graduate Students: Gretchen Jude

Smriti Srinivas (Anthropology) 
Somatic and sensory reform as crucial practices for the creation of new cultural subjects, institutions, and forms of urban modernity. Landscapes of urban memory and the body in global cities; transnational religious movements, spatial, somatic and symbolic production; religious imaginaries, understandings of citizenship, sites of sociality, and devotional memory.

Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie [Taskigi / Dine’] (Native American Studies)
Visual Sovereignty, photography, video, multi-media installations and traditional Native American techniques.
Graduate Students: Zelma Long

Anna Uhlig (Classics) Anna Uhlig came to Davis in 2013 after holding a JRF at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. Her research focuses on questions of performance and poetics in the Greek Mediterranean. She currently serves as Lead Undergraduate Advisor for Classics at UC Davis and is delighted to meet with anyone who is curious about the ancient world.

Archana Venkatesan (Religious Studies)
Hinduism, women and religion, movement and sacred dance, aesthetics and performance.
Graduate Students: Deepa Mahadevan

Heghnar Watenpaugh (Art History)
Early modern and modern Islamic Art and Architectural History, urban history, theory of architectural preservation, and architecture and gender.

Julie Wyman (Cinema and Digital Media Studies)
Investigation of the body through performance, documentary practice, critical reflection: locating, exploring, and inventing various situations in which the codes, conditions, and visceral experiences of physicality defy expectation.


Adrienne Martín (Spanish)
Early modern Spanish literature and drama: drama as textual, cultural and performative practice; theatrical spaces and playhouses; Golden Age comedia studies; history of Spanish theater; transatlantic drama.

Halifu Osumare (Emerita, African American and African Studies)
African Americans Studies, African American performance and resistance, complicity, and play; structures of power; global popular culture’s centralization of African-derived performance aesthetics in the era of postcolonialism; interplay of African American vernacular and concert dance forms in the fusion styles of contemporary black choreographers; hip hop youth culture.
Graduate Students: Ayo Walker

Lynn Roller (Art History and Classics)
Ancient Mediterranean art; Greek theater; Greek and Roman cult practice; religious ritual as performance.