Positions at Sunway University


Sunway University is now looking to expand our department with a new Music Performance degree and a “revamped” Digital Film Degree.

This is part of a rapidly expanding provision in the arts at Sunway University.

We are now looking for candidates with a PhD for the positions of lecturer/senior lecturer/ associate professor.

The candidate for music performance should be able to teach introductory courses in Music Theory, Aural Training & Keyboard Skills. Special consideration will be given to Piano, Strings, and voice majors for the beginning of the Music Performance degree.


The candidate for the Contemporary Music (Audio Technology) degree should be able to teach film scoring, composition, and audio technology courses. Special consideration will be given to film scoring, sound design, and video game music.


Furthermore, If you know of a film specialist to cover cinematography and/or film/television/media history you can also let them know.


Interested candidates may contact me directly and send a cover letter along with their CV. All received documents are P&C.