D.I.G. Lit-Art-Walk


As part of the D.I.G. project, we have monthly social events geared to promote and embrace diversity. Our coming event, scheduled for Friday, January 26th, is a Lit-Art Walk, featuring student-submitted work. We are hoping to receive art and literary works from students of different majors and backgrounds. We are encouraging students, both undergraduate and graduate, to submit work such as comic strips, paintings, poems, songs, short stories, literary skeletons, photographs, political cartoons, etc.

This is an opportunity for UC Davis students to display their creativity and talent or enjoy the diversity that is inherent to and expressed through the arts. Attached below are both the event and the submissions flyers, which provide a bit more information. If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to email my grant partner, Carlos Leal (carleal@ucdavis.edu), D.I.G. (dig.ucdavis@gmail.com), or me (cojimenezornelas@ucdavis.edu).

Lit-Art Event Opportunity