Photodynamic Therapy Transplant workshop


Feb 8-17: Quimera Rosa’s 

Photodynamic Therapy Transplant workshop


As part of their residency at UC Davis, Quimera Rosa will facilitate a workshop on steps to create different replication protocols for DIY (Do It Yourself)- DIWO (Do It With Others) laboratory work, using as an example the replication of PDT (photodynamic Therapy).

The workshop will cover:


2.HPV (Human papillomavirus infection) / PTD (Photodynamic therapy)

3. Self-experimentation / performativity as a mode of experimentation: “My disease is an artistic creation”

Winter Course

Course credit to work through multiple workshops is available through Science & Technology Studies. Students can sign up for 1- 2 units. CRNs:

·  STS 198 (undergrads): 72675

·  STS 298 (grad students): 72688

Workshop Schedule

·  Feb.8Thursday @ 12pm – 3pm

·  Feb 9Friday @ 3pm – 6pm

·  Feb 10Saturday 12-6pm

·  Feb 15Thursday @ 12pm – 3pm

·  Feb. 16Friday @ 12pm – 3pm

·  Feb.17Saturday @ 12pm – 6pm

(Current Sponsors: HATCH, Performance Studies, Theatre and Dance, Cultural Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Art and Disability, Global Affairs, Davis Humanities Institute, UC Santa Cruz Art Studies )