Queering Care and Cure


Queer, Feminist, and Trans Studies Research Cluster
University of California, Davis
Title: Queering Care and Cure
Keynote: Dean Spade, and second keynote to be confirmed.
Conference: May 3-4th, 2018
Location: University of California, Davis, in Davis, California
Deadline for Submissions: February 1, 2018
Organizer Contact: Alex Fine (akfine@ucdavis.edu)
Email: QFT.UCDavis@gmail.com

CFP: Queering Care and Cure

The Queer, Feminist, and Trans Studies Research Cluster (QFT) at the University of California, Davis invites submissions
from graduate students and faculty working in the interdisciplinary fields of critical health studies, disability studies, critical science
studies, and related fields to the two-day Queering Care and Cure conference. We invite both academic paper submissions for 10-
12 minute presentations, as well as other creative formats, which will be displayed in a creative showcase hosted at a gallery in
This conference centers on queer, feminist, or trans studies perspectives on health, healing, and care practices. Through
papers and creative submissions, we plan to interrogate and complicate the ways health, healing, and care practices, discipline and
manage bodies by, instead, adopting the lenses of queer, feminist and trans perspectives. Through engaging intersectional analysis
attentive to the unequal distribution of care across individual bodies and communities, our conference aims to re-think and re-shape
research, theorizing and practices in critical health studies.
Topics include, but are not limited to:
– The medical industrial complex
– The pharmaceutical industry
– Drug use/abuse
– Homelessness/houselessness
– Scientific research on bodies, genders, and sexualities
– Methods of alternative health and healing
– Grassroots and community-based forms of care
– Forms of resistance to medically-codified forms of health and healing
– HIV/AIDS discourse and care past and present
– Disability, chronic illness, and environmental illness
– Mental health or body-mind health
– Immigration, questions of citizenship, borders and borderlands
– Queer of color critique
– Movements for racial and economic justice
– Rights and care for prisoners/incarcerated persons
– Current events and politics invoking discussions of health and care for queer communities
– Radicalizing norms surrounding health and care
Desired Outcomes:
– Intellectual collaboration
– Relationship-building across disciplines and fields
– A re-thinking and re-shaping of critical health studies and related inquiry from feminist, queer, and trans studies
– Professionalizing and network-building
To Submit – Email QFT.UCDavis@gmail.com by February 1, 2018 with the following information:
– Conference Paper:
• Name and Institutional Affiliation
• Title of Talk
• Abstract, 300 word maximum
– Creative Submission:
• Name and Institutional Affiliation
• Title of Piece
• Abstract/Description of Piece, 300 word maximum
• Images of Piece (3-5) or Link to Website/Images (Note: please do not send original art)