2018 Australia-Americas PhD Research Internship Program




Apply now for the 2018 Australia-Americas PhD Research Internship Program

American second and third year postgraduate research scholars in education, science and engineering fields of study are invited to apply for the Australia–Americas PhD Research Internship Program. Deadline for applications is 23:59 (EST) Friday, 19 January 2018.

The Australia–Americas PhD Research Internship Program is intended to support the Australian Government’s National Strategy for International Education 2025. It is funded by the Australian Government’s Enabling Growth and Innovation Fund and administered by both the Australian Embassy in Washington DC and the Australian Academy of Science.

Through placements of up to eight weeks in an Australian eligible research organisation (ERO) participating scholars will build collaborative partnerships with Australia early in their research careers, fostering ongoing collaboration between Australia and the US.

The eight-week placement (June to August 2018) will be preceded with a two-day orientation program in Canberra, Australia’s national capital, which is intended to introduce participating scholars to Australian culture, science policy and higher education infrastructure. The orientation program will also present an opportunity for US participants to meet program participants from Latin America. The placement will conclude with a one-day debriefing session where participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences in Australia with other participating scholars.

The end date of the placement may be extended at the participating scholars’ expense; however, scholars must be in Canberra on 12 and 13 June 2018 in order to participate in the orientation program and on 9 August 2018 for the debriefing session.

Interested applicants should propose a collaborative research project or a specific activity that has been developed in consultation with the host researcher in Australia. Advice on how to find a host researcher is available. Proposals will be assessed, as per the selection criteria, at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC.

For more information, contact the program coordinator at the Australian Academy of Science:international_admin@science.org.au


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