Orpheus Seminar 2018: “The Power of Musical Networks”


Orpheus Seminar 2018: “The Power of Musical Networks”
Deadline for proposals: 20 December 2017

We aim to find examples of the use of Network models/principles/theories that bridge the potential gap between the Scientific Disciplines dealing with Network Theory and the creative artistic world using them.
Some questions we hope proposals will address are:

Has our understanding, experience and critical discourse of music evolved to keep pace with technological models?
Where do the boundaries between network as structure and metaphor lie? Are they porous?
How does the use of networks as technologies impact on our imagining, our conceiving of music? Which of the many new affordances find most resonance?
What is the explanatory or creative potential of network in non-technological or non-contemporary music?

Confirmed special guests:
David Rosenboom (Composer, Dean School of Music, CalArts)
Chris Chafe (Composer, Director CCRMA, Stanford)
Fernando Rosas (Centre of Complexity Science, Imperial College, London)

Juan Parra (Orpheus Institute, Ghent)
Jonathan Impett (Orpheus Institute, Ghent)
Fernando Rosas (Imperial College, London)

More info: http://www.orpheusinstituut.be/en/news/2017/11/call-for-proposals