ANTIFA: Theory and History


CONFRONTING the contemporary resurgence of fascism and white supremacy in America, the oppositional movement known as Antifa has recently sparked heated debate. But what is this movement, precisely, and where did it come from? Join author and movement scholar Mark Bray as he tackles these and other questions.
WHAT: ANTIFA: Theory and History – Public talk by Mark Bray

WHEN: November 15th, 7-9PM

WHERE: Voorhies Hall 126


As well, Mark Bray will be meeting with graduate students and lecturers from noon to 1PM and with the generous contributions of the co-sponsors we will have some pizzas for folks. That information is below.

WHAT: Informal mtg. w/ Mark Bray
WHEN: November 15th, 12-1PM

WHERE: Mayhew Room (Social Sciences & Humanities 2234)