Third Annual “Classics Olive Harvest”


Third Annual “Classics Olive Harvest”

Wednesday, November 15,  1-4pm

(meet in the Classics Library, 7th floor Sproul Hall @ 12.30)

RSVP requested so as to arrange appropriate transportation

Over the past few years, the Classics department has helped the UC Davis Olive Institute manually harvest the fruit from their orchards. In return, we are gifted a number of gallons of olives to process according to the recipes in Palladius’ 5th century manual De agricultura. It is a wonderful opportunity to get together, experience the richness of the lands around the university, and learn a little bit about a staple of the ancient economy!

Since the orchards are off-campus, we request that RSVP by email ( to signal your participation so that we can arrange appropriate transportation. In addition, you should sign up through the Olive Institute’s website linked below to give them an idea of how many participants to expect (this does not preclude sending me an email).

All are welcome, either for all our part of the time, and participants will receive both a jar of the results and a memory to cherish for all time.