Regarding Graduate Student Workers



Dear Members,

Happy Halloween!

Last week, many of you no doubt received a spooky email depicting United Auto Workers (UAW) coming to campus to force, intimidate, or harass Graduate Student Researchers into joining the United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America Union (UAW). This was an early Halloween trick courtesy of the University of California, since what this email failed to mention is that these scary “autoworkers” are actually your fellow graduate students, colleagues, and friends, who together make up and run the UC Student Workers Union (UAW Local 2865), which represents TAs, AIs, Readers, and Tutors. Make no mistake, that email was meant to have a chilling effect on Graduate Student Researchers interested in forming a union to organize for better pay and workplace conditions. On the whole, it sends a clear message to Graduate Student Workers Regard that the University of California does not respect the rights of its employees to organize without employer interference.

The administration makes it seem like unionizing is signing your soul away, but here are the facts: becoming a union member gives you the right to collectively negotiate your pay, benefits, and working conditions. As a member of a union, you don’t have to go it alone. In our last contract negotiation, we won a 17% pay raise over the last four years, a 50% increase in child care subsidies, access gender-neutral bathrooms, and protections against harassment and discrimination in the workplace–all because we fought together. This year, our union will begin collective bargaining with the administration for new contract for TAs, AIs, Readers, and Tutors, and we want to make it even more successful than our 2014 campaign.

If you are interested in learning more about our union and what unionization really means, join us at our upcoming events and make your voice heard! Fill out this survey and help shape our bargaining priorities for our upcoming contract campaign with UC admin in 2018.

Upcoming Union Events:

Wed, Nov. 1 – 12:00pm to 2:00pm – Bargaining Town Hall – MU DeCarli Room

Wed, Nov. 15 – 6:15pm to 8:00pm – Monthly Meeting – SCC Room E

Wed, Dec. 6 – 6:15pm to 8:00pm – Monthly Meeting – PES 3001

Interested in getting more involved? Come to our weekly organizing meetings! This quarter, we meet every Wednesdaymorning from 10:30-11:30am in the GSA space in the South Silo (where coffee bagel donut day is held).

We are also available to help you organize a know your rights and informational session for grad students in your department or grad group. If you would like to get one on the books, email us at