Its that time of year again for Gravity’s  annual Fall Performance Season and I do hope that you all will come on over to Joe Goode Annex to see the shows this weekend Thursdaythru Sunday.  Its three shorter pieces in my 7th bi-annual Intercontinental Collaborations series.
It’s an awesome cast in two works I’ve directed that none of you have ever seen  Remote, and Sight Unseen and then I’ve curated Rachael’s fierce and lovely solo piece  A Portrait of Me As You (Everything is Copy)  that not enough of you have seen.

Remote was made thru a process that relied for months on Skype dates and daily posts on a private Facebook group as a collaborative remote working space, but it finally came together in a small village in Ballydehob, Ireland, where Linda Fearon and Tara Brandel from Croi Glan Company and I lived together for six-weeks last year, working every day at the Uillin Arts Center in Skibereen. We were inspired daily by the lovely green hillsides and inlets of West Cork, yet Matthias, our composer, was in Berlin and has yet to meet Linda or Tara in person. This is its US Premiere.

Sight Unseen is an experiment, drawing on themes of access that I was challenged to think about by—and blessed to be able to start to address with—my collaborators Claire Cunningham and Alva Noë in Gravity’s last production, The Way You Look (at me) Tonight. How can language make our physical experiences ‘show up’ for each other? How do words limit, shape, expand or inspire our movement. Gabriel Christion, Céline Alwyn Parker, Sherwood Chen, Tiffany Taylor and Rachael Dichter bring their full attention to these questions in every performance of this piece—reporting to you as fully as they can the details of their experience in this work—again within the container of Matthias Herrmann’s lush sonic landscape, coming to you from a studio in Berlin. And we are inviting you in the audience to enter into the space as well, moving closer to the things that draw you in to get more details or stepping back to get the overall sense of the room.

A Portrait of Me as You (Everything is Copy) is a work by Rachael that I have seen mature and grow from initial presentationsat the Joe Goode Annex that then matured and grew more complex in presentations in Berlin. Rachael’s fierce physicality, vulnerability and willingness to look us all right in the eye asks us what we see—and feel—in performance and why. I am excited for Gravity to present it here for you.
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