Choreography During a Time of Oppression

Choreography During a Time of Oppression: 
A conversation with Latino/x contemporary dance makers

In collaboration with the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers (FLACC) and the Performance in the Americas Working Group, this panel will feature local and international choreographers, Zarina Mendoza, CatherineMarie Davalos, and Caleb Luna, talking about the role of contemporary dance and performance as a mode of expression to challenge the ongoing oppressive policies that target non-normative Latino/a bodies. The discussion will be moderated by Prof. Angela Marino.

Time: Wednesday, November 8, 5-7p
Location: Shorb House, 2547 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA
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Free and open to the public. Food and refreshments provided.


CatherineMarie Davalos is a Chicana choreographer. Her work emerges from her Mexican voice using a feminist, Latina, and Chicana perspective. Her dances uncover the coalescence and contradictions of identity, question heteronormativity and patriarchy, and challenge the current political climate of hatred, fear and violence toward the “other.” Growing up in California with brown skin makes you both invisible and the target. This informs her multilayered dances. Davalos seeks collaborative artists who have an interest in the same aesthetic arena. She is interested in diversity rather than uniformity.  Her company consists of nonconforming bodies, races, and sexual identities. This intersectionality informs her work. Davalos continues to serve the Latino community by making dances that speak from a different voice and move through a contemporary lens.

Caleb Luna is a working-class, fat, brown queer whose work explores the intersections of fatness, desire, fetishism, white supremacy, and colonialism from a queer of color lens.​
Zarina Mendoza is part of Tranze Producciones, a group of dancers from Baja California, whose work expresses the challenging task of moving through the constrained space of conservatism, homophobia, narcissism, and arrogance.