South West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership


South West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership

We are currently welcoming enquiries for this funded postgraduate research opportunity:

National Museum of Wales, Curatorial team of the National Roman Legion Museum 

A practice-based PhD that spans Film/Screen Media and Heritage/Museum Studies and will involve a range of audio-visual media, as appropriate. The project will be embedded in the earliest stages of new museum and gallery development at The National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon and will inform and respond to the collections and design and interpretation processes. The aim of the PhD is to work with the Museum and its visitors to help enhance engagements with collections and displays.

The National Roman Legion Museum:

Roman Caerleon lives on the edge of Empire. As a fortress it was never isolated but was part of a wider international network. The National Roman Legion Museum is therefore rooted in its locality but has international significance. The Museum aims to animate the story of how 6,000 soldiers of the Roman army came to Caerleon, creating a key military base on the western frontier of the Roman Empire, and bringing new people, ideas and trade to the area. The Museum explores how encounters with Iron Age peoples and cultural assimilation over a period of over 200 years changed lives in ways which can still be felt today. Through techniques that facilitate enjoyable and engaging experiences the Museum will enable understanding of this story’s place in history and how it influences the world we live in today.

Potential Research Questions:

1) How might diverse media practices contribute to new interpretations of Roman Wales being developed through the re-design of the National Roman Legion Museum?

2) What are the challenges (aesthetic, interpretative, educational, technical, engagement) that the collections of the National Roman Legion Museum present to a range of screen practices?

3) How might new understandings of the entangled and complex encounters between the Roman army and diverse Iron Age peoples in Wales develop through practice-based engagements with the material culture of the National Roman Legion Museum?

Thesis to Comprise: 

  1. a screenwork/series of screenworks for a range of platforms and/or live events (projection, mobile phone, VR headset, installation)
  2. a 40,000-word written element to address a range of areas, including but not limited to: histories and practices of the interpretation of Roman Britain generally and at the NRLM; critical analysis of the practice elements of the project; visitor and museum practitioner engagements with practice processes and outputs; issues of media management & legacy; potential impact of this mode of enquiry on broader museum interpretation and practice.

Academic contacts: Dr Angela Piccini, University of Bristol – and Professor Stephanie Moser –

Partner contact: Bella Dicks, Director of Research, NMW,