UCHRI is supporting two upcoming funding opportunities for graduate students with our partners. Please forward to interested students in your department.




Humanists@Work Riverside

Graduate students may apply for a daylong workshop that discusses career preparation for PhD students in the humanities.  We will feature sessions on career paths for humanities PhDs, tools for having open conversations about career possibilities, humanities expertise, and the value of a humanities PhD.

The grant includes reasonable roundtrip travel from your home to Riverside, California, lodging at the Mission Inn, and all workshop meals.

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3D Photogrammetry for Cultural Heritage

Scholars in a wide range of disciplines are increasingly attuned to new digital technologies to assist in the process of archiving, analyzing, and presenting cultural heritage data. In the past few years, a new cost-effective 3D technology has entered the picture for those working with objects. Photogrammetry, or structure from motion, generates accurate 3D models of objects, monuments and landscapes using a series of high-resolution photographs taken using inexpensive DSLR cameras or aerial drones. This technology, and the necessary software for processing the huge data meshes produced, is now inexpensive and simple enough for scholars to use and learn themselves, resulting in a rapid uptick in the creation of 3D data across object-oriented disciplines. We see hands-on training in this new technology, combined with a critical eye towards the social context of knowledge production, as transformative for the next generation of Cultural Heritage scholars trained in the University of California system.

To that end, the UC Santa Cruz Archaeological Research Center is offering a one-week training workshop on photogrammetry for early-stage graduate students. Participants in this workshop (one from each UC campus) will gain intensive hands-on experience in the techniques and processing workflow for photogrammetric recording for cultural heritage projects, presented within the context of a critical engagement in discussions of the politics of digital knowledge production.

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