Sustainability Funding


After many years without a Green Fund, UC Davis now has an exciting new sustainability funding opportunity this year.  Proposals may  be submitted by anyone in the UC Davis community to benefit sustainability and involve undergraduate students.  As you know, Sustainability balances the triple bottom line:  Performance, Planet and People.

Fall, 2017: 1)  Mini Grants and   2) Undergraduate Research   $200-2,000 each  Proposals Due November 6

All the details can be found here:  For expenses, travel, and other costs.


Winter, 2018:  3)  Larger Grants, up to $20,000 for sustainability projects or curriculum development.

Pre-Proposal Abstracts Due in February.

Projects can build on existing programs, or be completely new and entrepreneurial. Curriculum development proposals are encouraged from faculty-student teams.   More details about winter proposals will be forthcoming this fall.  Projects will be awarded in the spring, and may be completed during the 2018-19 academic year.


As you may have heard, I am retiring from UC Davis this winter. I will manage the grant program through December and see its successful launch.  Please contact me if you see an opportunity for a campus project, service or infrastructure need that could be served by a Green Grant, and if you might be willing to write a proposal.

Please visit our developing website, or other TGIF websites across the UC system to see the exciting projects they have funded in recent years.