Disability and Love


*Considering Disability Journal *

Call for Papers

Disability and Love

For this CFP we are looking for submissions that include articles, essays,
creative work, that deal with disability and love in all forms. Individuals
with disabilities have to navigate their bodies and lives, but once love
enters the picture it can be both healing and damaging. Looking at the
contradictory and complex nature of love, we are interested in how love and
relationships interact with the experience of disability. What happens when
lovers learn of our disabilities? What happens when lovers leave because of
disability and/or illness?

*Topics may include, but are not limited to:*

– Disability and new relationships
– Disability and self-love
– Failed loves and heartbreak
– Disability and love relationships as represented in cinema and
– Disability and love in memoirs
– Disability and the love for life
– Disability and parents/family love
– Disability and sexuality
– Other types of love and the interaction with disability

Please contact submissions@consideringdisabilty.com with any questions.

You can make submissions via our journal system online
https://cdjournal.scholasticahq.com/for-authors. We also encourage the
writing of a complementary blog to be published alongside the release of
any successful articles.