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Trans-In-Corporados: Building Networks for International Dance Research

The Laboratório de Crítica (LabCrítica) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, in partnership with the Panorama Festival and Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR), invite artists and scholars [from dance and performance studies, humanities and social sciences, and all disciplines] to the seminar Tran-In-Corporados: Building Networks for International Dance Research which will take place at the MAR onNovember 10th and 11th, 2017. The seminar wants to bring together recent research on dance and its interfaces for reflection about translation, remixing and dissemination processes and politics. It will include working groups, debates, conferences, publications and exhibitions of artistic experiments in MAR and other spaces in the port region of Rio de Janeiro.

The seminar arises as a way of giving visibility to the new Graduate Program in Dance of UFRJ (PPGDan – UFRJ) (currently in implementation phase) and to insert the program in the conversations other similar programs and research networks are currently having both in Brazil and abroad. Besides to professors from PPGDan-UFRJ, the scientific committee of the event is composed by invited artist-researchers from several universities in Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom. A LabCrítica and MAR partership will co-curate the artistic experiment section.

The official language of the event is Portuguese, but proposals of speakers of English, Spanish, “Portuñol”, “Portunglês” and other kind of linguistic transits are also welcome for work groups.

Submissions, thematic provocations, deadlines and more info: