Publication of TRIC/RTaC 38.1 (Spring 2017)

Publication of TRIC/RTaC 38.1 (Spring 2017), which will shortly be posted to subscribers and available on our website.
Contents include:

Moira Day, “Ryga, Miss Donohue, and Me: Forty Years of The Ecstasy of Rita Joe in the University”

Andrew Bretz, “An Effigy of Empire: A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Canadian Imperial Nationalism During the Second Boer War”

Josh Stenberg, “Staging the International Embrace: George Leslie Mackay Narratives on Taiwanese Stages”

Michèle Laliberté, “Un surtitrage fonctionnel, artistique ou intermédial?  Réalités théâtrales multilingues à l’ère numérique”

Brenda Vellino, “Restaging Indigenous – Settler Relations: Intercultural Theatre as Redress Rehearsal in Marie Clements’s and Rita Liestner’s The Edward Curtis Project”


Ric Knowles, in conversation with ahdri zhina mandiela, Alison Sealy Smith, and Rhoma Spencer, “’Having a whole lot of show going on’: Diasporic Caribbean Theatre in Toronto”


Wes D Pearce on Kathleen Gallagher and Barry Freeman, eds., In Defence of Theatre: Aesthetic Practices and Social Interventions

Alexandra (Sasha) Kovacs on Jordan Tannahill, Theatre of the Unimpressed: In Search of Vital Drama

Joe Culpepper on Louis Patrick Leroux and Charles R Batson, eds. Cirque Global: Quebec’s Expanding Circus Boundaries

Emily A Rollie on David Fancy et al., Diversities in Actor Training