Performance Matters has just published its latest


Performance Matters has just published its latest issue at This special issue,
“Performing Religion,” was guest-edited by PM Consortium Editor Joy

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Performance Matters
Vol 3, No 1 (2017): Special Issue: Performing Religion
Table of Contents

Editorial Notes
Introduction: Performing Religion (1-6)
Joy Palacios

Sacred Feeling: A Dramaturgy of Religious Emotion (7-18)
Donnalee Dox,   Amber Dunai
Romans and Christians: Bearing Witness and Performing Persecution in Bible
Camp Simulations (19-38)
Scott Magelssen,        Ariaga Mucek
“I Name Myself in Power”: The Roman Catholic Womenpriests and the
Performance of Relational Authority (39-61)
Claire Maria Chambers
Awakening Imagination: Glimpses of Ignatian Spirituality in
Seventeeth-Century French Hagiographic Theatre (62-87)
Ana Fonseca Conboy

Blaspheming Against Ourselves: Folk Categories in Religion and Theatre
Lance Gharavi
Deep Stories of the Demonized: Empathy and Trump Evangelicals (94-102)
John Fletcher
Goodluck the Performer (103-111)
Ebenezer Obadare
Recuperating Religion in Art History:  Contemporary Art History,
Performance, and Christian Jankowski’s The Holy Artwork (112-115)
Karen Gonzalez Rice

Jesus Camp Queen (116-131)
Angela J Latham
Fundamental Femininity in Performance: An Artist’s Reflection on “Jesus Camp
Queen” (132-137)
Angela J Latham
Performing Fugue: Desire, Denial, and Death in Jesus Camp Queen (138-142)
Patrick Santoro
Jesus Camp Queen and the Performance of (Fundamentalist Christian) Gender
Julie Ingersoll
Encountering the Ramlila of Ramnagar: From Fieldnotes in 1978 and 2013
Richard Schechner

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