(Re)Sounding Bodies: A Research Symposium


The Department of Theatre and Dance presents:

(Re)Sounding Bodies: A Research Symposium

May 18th – 20th, Della Davidson Performance Studio

The (Re)sounding Bodies symposium aims to unsettle the idea that intercultural performance is ‘resolved’ by knowing about cultural and discursive concepts such as history and  society alone, and to introduce the idea that intercultural performance has to also consider the embodied and somatic particularities of performativity.

Our broader focus is on the performative elements in theatre, dance, music, and performance generally that cluster around the use of breath, movement, rhythm, sound, gesture, speech, and spatial and temporal relations. In this, as a Theatre and Dance department committed to the study of performativity, we are responding to the lack of focus on these elements in intercultural research, and hoping to open discussion in the context of specific performances that will contribute more widely as to the importance of these elements for understanding and communication.

The symposium is built around three performances:

–        the Assembly Dance Theatre from Taiwan and David Grenke’s work with them and with students from Theatre and Dance on a piece created by Grenke, Low Flying Planes (May 11-13th, Main Theatre)

–        Gretchen Jude and Peiling Kao (electroViolet) in the piece Body electric 1.2 (May 18th, Della Davidson Performance Studio)

–        Peter Lichtenfels, with professional and semiprofessional actors and dancers from Theatre and Dance BA, MFA and PhD programs, in production of Shogo Ohta’s Elements (May 18-20th, Arena Theatre)

The symposium itself is made up of keynote papers from leading scholars in Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese performance modes, and of workshops by practitioners working on intercultural performance modes.

People who would like to participate in the symposium should register at:


Registration includes meals, receptions, and performances.