Several Performance Studies Graduate Group members are working on a production of Shogo Ohta’s ‘Elements’ (first production in English in the US).

This will play in Wright Hall, Arena, May18-20th:
May 18th: 8pm
May 19th: 7pm
May 20th: 2pm and 7pm
website for tickets: arts.ucdavis.edu/event/elements

elements flyer.jpg

“Elements” by Japanese writer/director Shogo Ohta features a number of everyday characters whose paths cross as they roam about the city streets. These ordinary working people act out their lives on a bed of constantly-shifting sand on which they work to keep stable. As the ground under their feet undulates like a wave, unexpected objects such as a ball and nets fall from the sky. The production’s performance space features actual sand.

“Imagine walking on sand in your daily life. Imagine living your life at sand-speed.”

Shogo Ohta, a Japanese playwright born in 1939, was as one of a group of directors and playwrights who led a new theatre movement in Japan. He was director of the Tenkei Theatre, artistic director of the Fujisawa Civic Theatre in Kanagawa Prefecture, senior professor at Kinki, chair of the Theatre Department at the Kyoto University of Art and Design, and chief editor of its Performing Arts periodical.