UCHRI Techno-humanities Exploratory Workshop: Experimentation

Call for proposals
Exploratory Workshop: Experimentation
Apply to attend UCHRI’s exploratory workshop on experimentation, which is part of the Mellon-funded Horizons of the Humanities initiative.
How does UCHRI define experimentation?

Once the province of science, experimentation is no longer unfamiliar to the arts and humanities as a method and as an object of study. With the rise of digital technology there has been a resurgence of interest in process-oriented and open-ended research methods such as visualization, mapping, simulation, and modeling. These and other new practices change the epistemological basis of humanities research and help to create new kinds of knowledge.

Experimentation and its role in shaping humanistic thought is particularly urgent at a time of ecological crises, media proliferation, resurgent authoritarian populism, and algorithmic governance. Together, these elements force new imperatives upon humanist inquiry and provide opportunities for experimental engagements that offer generative imaginations of creative and repressive futures.

What is an exploratory workshop?

The exploratory workshop will convene up to 15-20 competitively-selected UC faculty and graduate students, journalists, artists, and other public scholars for one day of networking, sharing research interests, and building an interdisciplinary research team.

What are the workshop’s goals?

The purpose of the exploratory workshop is to identify opportunities for research collaborations and partnerships beyond those typically found within traditional academic structures.

What will participants do?
While establishing research affinities during the workshop, we encourage participants to think broadly about the topic and to consider interdisciplinary, multimodal scholarship and methods, as well as an expanded definition of research outcomes. The collaborative research group that emerges as part of this process will begin longer-term work in the 2017-2018 academic year.
How do I know if I should apply?

We encourage applications from both humanities and non-humanities faculty and graduate students who are working on the topic of experimentation, as well as public scholars and artists from throughout California.

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