Call for proposals – UCHRI Social Heterogeneity Exploratory Workshop: Civil War

UCHRI Social Heterogeneity Exploratory Workshop: Civil War
How does UCHRI define civil war?


States descend into civil wars when contrasting conceptions of life within them are deemed irreconcilable and living for a considerable proportion of inhabitants is made otherwise unbearable. Those at least nominally controlling the state apparatus insist on obedience and deference to its way of being, on pain of erasure for refusal or resistance. Civil wars, then, are struggles over competing ways of being in the world, their underlying conceptions, and control of the state to materialize and advance these commitments.


How do such struggles emerge, enlarge, and manifest in civil wars? What are their prompts, pulses, and products at different times and in different states? What are their expressions and ends? What is “civil” about civil war, and what is not? How might they be anticipated, avoided, justly resolved short of violence, rupture, inevitable dislocation? And, once erupting into conflagration or resolved one way or another, how to forego the cycles of violence that inevitably are fueled by the assertive, dogmatic, persistent digging in by one or both sides in the name of an absolutized Truth and the reach for state power?
We are interested in these questions in their historical manifestations, their contemporary articulations, and their future prognoses.
What is an exploratory workshop?


The exploratory workshop will convene 15-20 competitively-selected UC faculty and graduate students, journalists, and other public scholars for one day of networking, sharing research interests, and beginning to build an interdisciplinary research team.
What are the workshop’s goals?


The purpose of the exploratory workshop is to identify opportunities for research partnerships beyond those typically found within traditional academic structures. The collaborative research group that emerges as part of this process will begin longer-term work in the 2017-2018 academic year.
What will participants do?


At the workshop, participants will engage with other scholars to identify shared areas of interest around the topic of civil war. There will be opportunities for networking with researchers from a variety of perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds, and for some general discussion about the topic.


How do I know if I should apply?

We encourage applications from humanities and non-humanities faculty and graduate students working on the topic, as well as public scholars throughout California. We hope to build a conceptualization of civil war that incorporates multiple viewpoints and perspectives.


Apply to attend UCHRI’s exploratory workshop on civil war, which is part of the Mellon-funded Horizons of the Humanities initiative.