Border Studies Reading Group – Cristina Perez

We look forward to our next reading group on Wed May 3, 12-1.30, which will be held in Voorhies 126 (there will be light refreshments, and feel free to bring a brown bag lunch).
We are fortunate to have Cristina Perez present her work.
Cristina’s work considers the stories and histories of Mexican border crossers who experience surveillance, detention, assault, and murder at the hands of the US state to ask how these interactions are narrated not as violence but as justification for increased investment in the border industrial complex. She is interested in the shift after the 2008 recession, from the perception that Mexican border crossers are exploitable for their labor, to the resurgence of discourses of criminality and sexual deviance so that US and international corporations might profit from the “need” for an increasingly militarized and technologized border. Her work bridges border studies, queer of color critique, and transnational feminisms.