Moving Images – Static Spaces? The blurring of Architectures, Film, Animation, Digital Art, Coding and Design


Moving Images – Static Spaces? ……….. The blurring of Architectures, Film, Animation, Digital Art, Coding and Design

Dates: 12-13 April 2018
Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Altinbaş Foundation / Istanbul Kemerburgaz University

For those not able to visit Istanbul, pre-recorded video and skype presentations are available.

1.      Book Series – The Mediated City
2.      Proceedings Series, ISSN 2398-9467
3.      Architecture_MPS journal Special Issue, ISSN 2050-9006

Abstract deadline: 15 December 2017

The relationship between architecture, urban environments and the moving image is deep rooted. It is also mutating. Born in the City Symphony films of the early 20th it was premised on the dynamic and mobile representation of buildings, streets and cities. Today, however, moving imagery and architecture coexist in multiple other worlds too: virtual reality spaces explored through headsets and haptic sensors; the animated environments of Second Life; the projection mapping of buildings in physical space; the fantastical settings of the gaming industry; fly-through representations of architectural projects; and the real-time algorithmic formation of parametric architecture on a computer screen. This complex new scenario will be explored at this event and all its related publications.

This conference is international and interdisciplinary. .It welcomes filmmakers, animators, video artists, computer programmers, cinematographers, interior designers, gamers, cultural theorists, architects, urban designers and more.

Amps is a UK based non-profit that coordinates a consortium bringing together universities and academics internationally around issues of new technologies and medias, and their relationship to the built environment, its representation, design and experience. Publications and events have been developed in conjunction with Woodbury University, Ravensbourne, the University of the West of England, the Centre for Moving Image Research, the Brooks Institute, Altinbaş Vakfi / Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, UCL Press and Intellect Books, amongst others.