Call for Submissions – ASTR Annual Conference in Atlanta


ASTR is thrilled to announce that the call for submissions to Working Sessions for the 2017 ASTR Annual Conference in Atlanta is officially open. This link will direct you to the website, where you can view all the calls for individual working sessions on this year’s theme, “Extra/Ordinary Bodies: Interrogating the Performance and Aesthetics of ‘Difference.’”

Please note, that you must apply online through the ASTR website here. The form allows you to select up to three working groups, in order of your preference, and provides space to allow you to comment how your proposal might fit with each of those working groups.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is June 1.

We are very excited by this amazing list of Working Sessions! If you have any questions, contact us at:

About Face: The Material History of Difference in Stage Makeup and Masks
Arabs and Muslims: Problems, Methods and Strategies In Theatre and Performance Studies
Boring the Body/Boring Bodies: Perforating Hierarchies of Embodied Power in Dance
Consuming Bodies: Food, Performance, and Policing the Extra/Ordinary
Digital Defense for Artists, Scholars, & Activists
Ecology & Performance Working Group
(Em)bodied Exclusions: Considering Questions of Ethical Representation in Performance
Embodying Transfeminisms: Trans Identities and Performance
Extra/Ordinary Bodies and Medieval Performance
Extraordinary Bodies in/and East Asia
Extraordinary Players: Sports, Physical Training, and Performance
Feeling Extra Ordinary: Populist Activism and Performance
Feminist Playwriting in the Twenty-First Century: Staging the Extra/Ordinary
From the Curious to the Quantum: Bodies at the Intersection of Science and Performance
Imagining an Other “Eastern Europe”: Performances of Difference in Central-Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Russia
“I’m the Witch, You’re the World”: The Stage Witch as a Sign of the Shifting Paradigms of Embodiment
Indigenous Research in the Americas – “Indian Parts”: The Indigenous Body and its Relations in Performance
It’s A “Normal” World After All? Theme parks and the Performance and Aesthetics of “Difference”
Mad Bodies as Spectacles of Otherness
Mixed Race as Extra/Ordinary Body
Mobilizing Difference within Community-Engaged Performance
On Their Own Terms: Extraordinary Responses to Stigmatized Bodies in the Nineteenth-Century Dramaturgy of the Americas
The Pedagogy of Extraordinary Bodies: Re-Interrogating the Theatre History Syllabus
Performance Studies in/from the Global South Working Group
Performing Extra/Ordinary Bodies of Data and Surveillance
Playing the Extra/Ordinary: Video Games and Difference
Puppetry and Material Performance
Queer nightlife performance: dissident temporalities, geographies, and economies of the night (Muñoz working session winner selected in 2017)
(Re)presenting Muslim Bodies of Performance
Residual transgressions: Rethinking memory, time, and performance research practices
Resurrecting the Extraordinary Bodies of Pre-1850 Performance
Rituals of the Dead: Extraordinary Acts of Embodiment
Shakespearean Performance Research Group: Shakespeare’s Extra/Ordinary Embodiment
Sounding out Extra/ordinary bodies: Listening to the Sonic Subaltern
Staging Difference & Alliance: Latinx, Indigenous, and Beyond
Swollen: Ordinary to Extraordinary Pregnancy and Maternity
The Transtemporalities of Minoritarian Performance II: Extra/Ordinary Bodies across Time (Muñoz working session winner selected in 2016)
Transient Performance
Violent Bodies, Violent Acts
When the Extraordinary is Also Ordinary: Spanish Golden Age Theater’s Heroic Monsters