Vietnamese Language Symposium


The New Viet Nam Studies Initiative is delighted to host the Vietnamese Language Symposium for March 10, 2017, 6-8pm at the Student Center. We are hoping to see you, colleagues, and your students in attendance!


This event will discuss the question of, “What is the future of Vietnamese language in the diaspora?” Also, in reaction to the growing student led Vietnamese language movement at UC Davis, this event is to garner interest from faculty and students to establish Vietnamese language courses at UC Davis. This event is especially important for UCD students because UC Davis has 42 percent Asian Americans, and Vietnamese are the second largest number within that group. Yet, our campus still does not have Vietnamese language courses. Those from the movement and their many supporters believe educating our students in Vietnamese language not only sustains multilingualism but also is a skill that can benefit them in their careers locally, nationally, and internationally.


For the symposium, we have the honor of bringing in experts, scholars, and activists including: Assistant Professor Linh Khanh Nguyen of Fullerton State University; Lecturer Dzuong Nguyen of Stanford University; Danh Nguyen, Vice Principal of Huong Viet Vietnamese Community Saturday School; Vy Nguyen, Founder of Vingo, and Michelle Nguyen, student representative for the Vietnamese Language Movement at UC Davis.