Performance: Sunday Feb 19, 7pm, at Della Davidson Studio

Artist Talk: Tuesday Feb 21, Lunchtime 12-1:30pm, at 220 Wright Hall
Dance Workshop: (capacity 99) Sunday Feb 19, 1-3pm, at Della Davidson Studio 

Workshop Description:
We conduct research as a performative project running parallel to the movement explored in the class. We practice performance training rooted in inquiry where we rigorously apply transgressive politics and physically embodied ruptures to sustain movement practice. We interrupt our own improvised dances. There is a rhythm that the dancer finds, creates and destroys. This creative practice will intersect with reimagining the space-time continuum, working with INTERRUPTING what is expected in dance or gesture or relationship and engaging sensorial surprise. What does all of this mean? Simply that we improvise in a break or a stillness that carries rhythm, interrupting rhythmic flow by limiting the senses, wearing a veil or performing a task with limited mobility or multiple obstacles. How do we negotiate rupture in a dance, song or story? How do we creatively intervene in what’s expected? Where does this intervention begin and end or does it have an ending?

mayfield brooks improvises while black. currently based in brooklyn, ny mayfield also works as an artist scholar, cultural worker & movement-based performance artist. they studied contemporary dance at the school for new dance (sndo) in amsterdam, moving on center in oakland, ca and holds two masters degrees in performance. mayfield investigates “the body” as a questionable conceptual construct & is most curious about intersectional politics, cultural organizing, gender fuck, ancestral memory, dancing flesh, corporeal fragmentation, black lives (don’t) matter, and improvising in interstitial spaces. to find more about mayfield’s work go to: