Theatre Research in Canada special issue on disability and performance


Theatre Research in Canada/Recherches théâtrales au Canada 37.2 (Fall 2016), a special issue on disability and performance guest edited by Kirsty Johnson.

Articles include:

“A Mobile Social Realm: Labour, Sovereignty, and Subjecthood in Disabled Theater / Affordance Creations of Disability Performance: Limits of a Disabled Theater”, by Katherine Zien and Arseli Dokumaci

“‘Come and see Our Art of Being Real’: Disabling Inspirational Porn and Rearticulating Affective Productivities”, by Ashley McAskill

“’Please Look at Yourself’: Insecurity and the Failure of Ethical Encounter in Autobiographical Performance”, by Jenn Stephenson

“May I have this dance? Teaching, Performing, and Transforming in a University-Community Mixed-Ability Dance Theatre Project”, by Lisa Doolittle, Callista Chasse, Corey Makoloski, Pamela Boyd, Annalee Yassi

…as well as a special edition of our Forum, with work by Alex Bulmer, Jan Derbyshire, Sarah Garton Stanley and Pippa Ruddy.

The full table of contents plus links to articles (for subscribers) are available here: