Between Spaces Symposium, University of Chichester


Between Spaces Symposium, University of Chichester, June 29th – 30th 2017

This two-day symposium develops cross-disciplinary dialogues instigated via the University of Chichester’s ‘Performing Place’ symposium series (2013-15) in which human-environment and place-based engagements were explored by artists and academics from the fields of dance, performance, architecture, human geography, anthropology and cultural studies.

Between Spaces extends this interdisciplinary discourse and develops shared interests in everyday performativity through further exploring how lived environments are performed through everyday acts and how environments perform themselves through tropes such as ruralism, tourism, civic organisation, representation, power and control.

For this symposium we are inviting a limited number of research papers, interactive workshops, lecture-demonstrations, projects and/or performances that particularly address one or more of the following:

  • How are relationships between individuals, communities and environments constructed, performed and co-defined?
  • How do particular urban spaces inform perceptions of lived environments?
  • What individual and collective processes of connectivity and dis-connection inform human-environment relationships?
  • How do acts of improvisation, performance, modification and repurposing develop perceptions of ownership and engagement with lived environments?
  • How might we research and explore human-environment connectivity through creative and pragmatic approaches?
  • How might cross-disciplinary exchange develop new interdisciplinary research methods in this context?

The Between Spaces themes reflect an interest in the dynamic, co-constitutive iterative cycle operating between place, individual, community and environment through which places and place-based identities are performed, re-performed and reiterated. Finding practical and theoretical interdisciplinary modes of research that lead to new methods of unearthing and articulating subjective acts of place identification and place-connection is central to this ethos. For example, site-based performance makers and artists have explored practices of urban engagement from a number of creative, inclusive and often provocative perspectives (see Wrights and Sites, Melanie Kloetzel, Graeme Miller et al). These practices reveal particular sets of knowledges that emerge when re-imagining and re-inventing everyday urban spaces as places of performance. Similarly, architectural research (Mould 2009, Sara 2015) and approaches to environmental psychology (Bondi, et al, in press) inform understandings of urban connectivity through considerations of subjective and collective ‘performances’ of place embedded within everyday acts.

The symposium welcomes proposals for innovative workshop / lecture-demonstration formats alongside more formal 20 minute paper presentations and hopes to foster a dynamic space of exchange in which to imagine and engage with new ways of researching, exploring and articulating embodied experiences of human-environment relationships through interdisciplinary entanglements.

Drawing on Henri Lefebvre’s notion of space conceived as both a ‘product and producer’ (1991:142) of human behaviour, the embodied subjectivities to be explored might include those practised by artists, architects, environmentalists and academics, site-based performers, commuters, city inhabitants, children, teenagers and civic workers. Through embracing a broad spectrum of experiences the symposium hopes to incorporate a range of domestic, professional, commercial and academic spheres.

Between Spaces is informed by intellectual initiatives arising from the ‘spatial turn’ (Rendell 2006) within the humanities and social sciences that prioritise and valorise epistemologies of spatialised and lived experience. Drawing on Edward Soja’s notion of ‘third space’ the theme alludes to a ludic space between disciplinary constraints in which ideas, practices and methods can be explored and employed in experimental and creative ways. Soja’s invitation to conceive of spatialised experience differently informs a perceptual positioning in which considerations of the ‘spaces between’ designed, planned, organised and conceived spaces and everyday perceived, lived and practiced realities are housed. Considerations of what ‘lies between’ also frames the symposium’s exploration of subjective constructions of place and space that incorporate elements of improvisation, modification and self-determined acts of autonomy and agency as individuals interpret and re-imagine their lived environments according to their own needs, preferences and agendas.

Submission Deadline: Friday 10th February 2017

Paper presentations will be 20 mins in length, alternative formats (i.e. performances, lecture demonstrations, workshops) are also encouraged, please indicate your technical requirements clearly on the proposal.

Please submit abstracts (of no more than 250 words in length) and a short biography (100 words) attached to an email with the subject header: BETWEEN SPACES to

Dr. Vicky Hunter ( & Dr. Andrew Wilford (

Dr Victoria Hunter

Senior Lecturer in Dance

Dance Department

University of Chichester

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