Tri-University Colloquium For Theatre and Performance Research


Tri-University Colloquium

For Theatre and Performance Research

3rd Annual Tri-University Colloquium for Theatre and Performance Research

Simon Fraser University Woodward’s, Vancouver BC/ Coast Salish Territory 

May 5-6, 2017

Momentum: Performances of the Future – Now  

The 2017 Tri-University Colloquium for Theatre and Performance Research completes its first full cycle with this 3rd annual event. The first two cycles, hosted by the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia, focused on Creating Legaciesand [Co]Memoration respectively. This year’s colloquium, hosted by Simon Fraser University, seeks to build on these themes by looking at performance and theatre, as well as other creative practices, now and in the future.

We invite papers that engage with contemporary and historical performances that play or have played important roles in shaping how we think about the future today. These performances might include investigations into theatre, performance art, music, dance, cinema, sound, political activism, everyday life, and philosophy. Papers may address one of the following questions, or speak to the conference theme in another way:

  • What are current trends in theatre and performance in North America?
  • Where are theatre and performance studies in Canada headed?
  • What is the role of theatre and performance in the present and how might this role impact performance’s role in the future?
  • How is futurity performed?
  • How do performances resist futures?
  • How are conceptions of the past transformed when projected into the future?
  • How are concepts of futurity being politicized today?
  • How are scholars working to build momentum today?
  • Is scholarship changing directions?
  • How do rhetorics of hope operate within communities, states, and other bodies?
  • How is technology changing performance today?
  • How do performances of identity relate to conceptions of futurity?
  • How is the utopic being reformulated or engaged with?
  • How is the dystopic being employed today?
  • How do artists, politicians, policy makers, scholars and/or audiences promote possible futures?
  • What responsibilities do we have—or not have—to engage with representations of the future?

Submissions are currently being accepted from emerging graduate student researchers and those nearing the completion of their programs of study at UVic, SFU, and UBC, as well as all neighbouring institutions of the Pacific Northwest. We will also accept work from researchers who graduated from these institutions within the last two years. Research may be from across the fine arts, humanities, and social sciences. Both traditional and non-traditional formats are encouraged. We will accept proposals for either 20-minute presentations or 60-minute panel sessions. Submissions may be in the form of formal academic papers, informal presentations of research, manifestos, panel topics, staged readings, performances that integrate physical, visual, sound, digital material, or any other presentational format that responds to the theme of “Performances of the Future – Now.”

Please direct inquiries and submissions (50 word bio; 100 word abstract for 20 minute sessions; 700 word proposals for 60 minute sessions) no later than January 13, 2017 by email to colloquium chair Patrick Blenkarn via email: