Ricardo Dominguez (UCSD) – Tactical Poetics: Learning from the 80’s

The Departments of Spanish & Portuguese, Theater Dance & Performance Studies, and the Performance in the Americas Working Group invite you to
Tactical Poetics:
Learning from the 80’s
(or How We Can Stop Worrying and Start Creating Disturbances)

Ricardo Dominguez (UCSD)

For the last 20 years Ricardo Dominguez has been working at the intersection of Art, Activism and New Media. One of the major platforms through which he has developed a number of his projects, including his most recent and much debated “Transborder Immigrant Tool”, has been the Electronic Disturbance Theater, which he co-founded in 1997. Already in it’s 2.0 version, the EDT’s goal, as he explains “has been to develop works that can create a performative matrix that activate and take a measure of the current conditions and intensities of power/s, communities and their anxieties or resistances.”

Monday, December 5th, 2016 l 12 – 2 pm
160 Kroeber Hall