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Performance Matters has just published its latest issue at

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Performance Matters
Vol 2, No 2 (2016)
Table of Contents

Editorial Notes
Moving Critically (1-3)
Peter Dickinson

Provocative Atmospheres, Refracted Nations, and the Performance of Light
Joanne Zerdy,   Marlis Schweitzer
The Invisible Helen Levitt (23-42)
Alison V. Dean
The Politico-Aesthetics of Groundlessness and Philippe Petit’s High Wire
Walk (43-62)
Gwyneth Jane Shanks
Knowing Ways in the Digital Age: Indigenous Knowledge from Idle No More to
The Unplugging (63-80)
Kimberley McLeod

Introduction to The Other ‘D’: A Forum on Dance Studies in Canada (81-83)
Seika Boye,     T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko,       Heather Fitzsimmons Frey,       Evadne
The Other D Keynote Address: Disciplinarity and the Future of Dance in
Canadian Universities (84-94)
Allana Lindgren
In the Space of Interdisciplinary Dialogue: Generating Ethnographic Research
on Dance/Movement in Canada (95-109)
Evadne Kelly
Dancing Between Old Worlds and New: Max Nordau’s New Jew Idea and its
Manifestation in Pre-State Israeli Folk Dance (110-122)
Gdalit Neuman
Performing Ideas … Expertly (123-131)
Henry I Daniel
Midwifing Transitions: The Labour of Publishing in the History of Dance and
Dance Studies in Canada (132-139)
Megan Andrews
revised formations, post-discplinary dance (140-142)
MJ Thompson
States of Insurrection in Native Girl Syndrome (143-150)
Stefanie Ellen Miller
How We Got Here: a View from the US Academy (151-158)
Susan Manning
Maps, Trespassing and the Periphery: Reflections on the Location of Dance
Studies in Canada (159-163)
Seika Boye,     Emma Doran

Review of Shattering Hamlet’s Mirror: Theatre and Reality, by Marvin Carlson
Kelsey Laine Jacobson
Review of Robert Lepage on the Toronto Stage: Language, Identity, Nation, by
Jane Koustas. (166-173)
Melissa June Poll
Review of Cirque Global: Inspiring Cultural Exports, edited by Louis Patrick
Leroux and Charles Batson (174-176)
Peta Tait

Performance Matters