Marbles Jumbo Radio – The Body Vigil

This Tues the 22nd, join Marbles Jumbo Radio in
Lab B – Wright Hall 115
11am to 1pm
The Body Vigil: a participatory class and talk with Marbles Jumbo Radio (MJR).

MJR will build a score with participants drawing from practices within their ongoing project, Wrecking Walden, and a recent collaboration with taisha paggett, Mountain, Fire, Holding Still.

They will discuss these works in reference to earlier work and how their approach to choreography has evolved alongside their lived experience.

Marbles Jumbo Radio (MJR) works within dance, video, body based practice, and discussion based platforms that engage with the politics of place, belonging, and agency.  They divide their time between the North Bay Area and Los Angeles. Their most recent collaborations include Meg Wolfe’s currently touring stage work New Faithful Disco, Andrea Geyer’s video installation Truly Spun Never, Johanna Breiding’s live installation, We Love Our Parents, We Fear Snakes (performed with sound artist Yann Novak), and Mountain, Fire, Holding Still., a durational performance with taisha paggett and Yann Novak. They were a 2008 CHIME grant recipient with mentor Simone Forti, with whom they developed and performed a practice called Ice Bergs in and around Los Angeles between 2007-1014. MJR also collaborated with Simone Forti and Steve Roden, among others, on A Re-invention of (Allan Kaprow’s) 18 Happenings in 6 Parts at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in 2008. Central to their work are community based projects that center on the needs of People of Color and the LGBTQI identified. Within the last year, they co-curated woods and studio, a platform for discussion and movement practices for queer and trans identified PoC, with taisha paggett in conjunction with Pieter in Los Angeles, and facilitated their on-going intervention, Wrecking Walden, at SEEDS Festival in Pocumtuc Territory, now known as Western Massachusetts.