Touchy Subjects

Touchy Subjects, an unlikely yet delightful collaboration with Scott Wells
Shira Yaziv, Miriam Wolodarski, Megan Lowe, Kaitlin Guerin, Sebastian Grubb, James Graham, Jose Abad
opens this Friday Nov 4
and runs Friday-Saturday, 8pm
and Sunday, 7pm
until Nov 13.
That’s 2 weekends. 6 performances.
Get your tickets here:
Sunday Nov 6 is pay what you want. We’ll let everyone in so spread the word, please and thanks.
It’s called Touchy Subjects because Scott once choreographed an otherwise amazingly fun dance with a group of men that I found occasionally but unintentionally homophobic. I wrote to Scott and the dancers and we talked about it and then a few years later, Scott was still thinking about it, and he proposed to make a dance about touchy subjects, how good intentions can still offend, how we rarely understand the underlying roots of touchy…
So the resulting work does not dwell on gay jokes but on the lives of the dancers and the environments we live in and the ways that our physical and emotional bodies have accumulated experiences, wounds, protection mechanisms, tactics of resistance and solidarity (or not). We talked to each other, and improvised in and out of contact, and then learned some tricky lifts and talked again. And then we danced together, jumped into each other’s arms, and caught each other, dancing and touching, negotiating all of ourselves and parts of ourselves, and then we danced some more.
I’d love you to experience this dancing.
And yes there’s speaking, and maybe even a couple of jokes.