Performance Research Journal News: PR volumes to increase to eight issues


Performance Research Journal News: PR volumes to increase to eight issues

We are pleased to announce that starting from 2017 Performance Research will be increasing its publication from six to eight themed issues each year. This is an unprecedented output for a print journal in the field of performance and theatre studies and we are delighted (and challenged) by the achievement and the growth it heralds. It is a testament to the success, reach and range of the journal and the entire team of Performance Research wish to thank our publisher Routledge, Taylor & Francis, our guest editors, authors, artists and our many readers and supporters that have brought the journal to this significant point in its development.

In recent years we have conceived of, and received proposals for, so many themes of interest to the expanding field of performance research that we have been struggling to schedule them. This has obliged us to plan issues for publication some three years ahead. At the same time our ‘Call for Proposals’ for each issue receives on average six times the number of proposals we can develop through to publication in any one issue. So with some trepidation and relief in equal measure the Performance Research editorial team has welcomed the invitation to expand to an eight-issue annual volume.

To realize the first eight-issue volume of Performance Research for 2017 we have had to bring forward two previously unannounced themes – ‘On Proximity’ and ‘Under the Influence’ – and the CFPs for these issues can be found in separate posts.

We look forward to responses to these and future CFPs and hope that our new eight-issue volumes of the journal will continue to explore and illuminate the further reaches and less well-trodden areas of the field of performance and theatre arts

Richard Gough & Ric Allsopp
on behalf of the entire Performance Research team.

To celebrate the increase to eight issues, selected back issues are on sale for only £8 each (usually £15) plus p&p.  Or buy any six issues from PR’s available back stock and get two free.
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We’ll respond with details of the total price, including the most efficient p&p cost. Individual issues cost between £8 and £25. Cheapest two issues free. Offer ends 31/12/16