Call for Proposals: DHI Reading, Writing and/or Collaboration Groups for 2016-2017


Call for Proposals: DHI Reading, Writing and/or Collaboration Groups for 2016-2017

 The UC Davis Humanities Institute is offering funding for faculty and graduate students in the humanities, arts, and humanistic social sciences who are interested in forming reading, writing and/or collaboration groups. Groups may apply for up to $300 per group.

The funds may be used to defray the costs of lodging or travel for a retreat or be applied towards refreshments or meals associated with workshops or regular group meetings. DHI funds for the groups will be sent to organizers’ departments or programs. The program is open to all faculty and graduate students, but junior faculty are particularly encouraged to apply.

Proposal deadline is November 14, 2016, and proposals should include:

  1. A list of faculty and/or graduate student participants and their respective departments.
  2. Project description: a brief narrative (500 words maximum) describing the purpose of the group and its proposed activities and outcomes. Please also enclose a simple budget.

The DHI will attempt to fund all the groups, but please note that funding for this program is limited. If selective funding becomes necessary, the following may be factored into selection:

— New groups: the group has not recently received funding from the DHI.

— Junior faculty: junior faculty are especially encouraged to apply.

— Interdisciplinarity: the group consists of graduate students and/or faculty from a number of programs and departments, including groups addressing topics and/or perspectives that have been traditionally under-represented and/or under-served.

— Number of members: group is more inclusive, that is, aims to incorporate more participants.

Please submit the reading and writing group applications online at If you have any questions, please contact DHI Program Manager Amineh Helalian,