Colombian plebiscite October 2nd


Last Sunday October the 2nd, the Colombian people voted in a plebiscite to either accept or reject a peace agreement with the FARC-EP, the largest insurgency in the western hemisphere. Unfortunately, warmongering sectors of Colombian society and political body propagated a discourse of fear, hate and unforgiveness that succesfully mobilized people from the urban centers of the country,  and despite a 63% of abstention, the accord was rejected. Peasants and people from rural areas, who are at large the real victims of the conflict, overwhelmingly supported the peace deal. Made of six points -agrarian reform, political participation of the FARC-EP, illicit drugs traffic, victims’ rights, termination of the conflict, and implementation- the accord has taken almost six years to be negotiated; and although imperfect, is widely considered the “best possible,” and has been supported by all Latin American countries, the US, the European Union, the UN, the ICC (International Criminal Court), the OAS (Organization of American States), and Pope Francis, among others. Yesterday, president Juan Manuel Santos -@JuanManSantos- launched an ultimatum stating that, if an agreement is not reached, he will end the current bilateral ceasefire on October 31st, 2016 which will most probably ensure a return to war. In the 52 years of armed conflict there have been around 220,000 deaths (mostly civilians); 30,000 disappearances; 27,000 kidnappings; 1,900 massacres; and 7 million people has been internally displaced. You can show your solidarity with the Colombian people by sharing this information with your family, friends, students, and any other members of your community. Only mobilization and awareness will prevent the return of war.

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