New Literary History, 47, nos. 2-3: Recomposing the Humanities—with Bruno Latour

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New Literary History

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47, 2-3 (2016)

Recomposing the Humanities—with Bruno Latour

Edited by Stephen Muecke and Rita Felski

  • Rita Felski, “Introduction”
  • Stephen Muecke, “An Ecology of Institutions: Recomposing the Humanities”
  • Graham Harman, “Demodernizing the Humanities with Latour”
  • Steven Connor, “Decomposing the Humanities”
  • Antoine Hennion, “From ANT to Pragmatism: A Journey with Bruno Latour at the CSI”
  • Yves Citton, “Fictional Attachments and Literary Weavings in the Anthropocene” | D0wnload Article
  • Barbara Herrnstein Smith, “Anthropotheology: Latour Speaking Religiously”
  • Michael Witmore, “Latour, the Digital Humanities, and the Divided Kingdom of Knowledge”
  • Dipesh Chakrabarty, “Humanities in the Anthropocene: The Crisis of an Enduring Kantian Fable”
  • Nigel Thrift, “The University of Life”
  • Patrice Maniglier, “Art as Fiction: Can Latour’s Ontology of Art be Ratified by Art Lovers? (An Exercise in Anthropological Diplomacy)”
  • Francis Halsall, “Actor-Network Aesthetics: The Conceptual Rhymes of Bruno Latour and Contemporary Art”
  • Bruno Latour, “Life among Conceptual Characters”

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