CATR 2016: “Energizing the Past Through Performance” Workshop Invitation


For those of you attending the CATR conference in Calgary next week, Marlis Schweitzer and I would like to let all interested auditors know how welcome you are to join us for "Energizing the Past Through Performance," a workshop in which we’ll be aiming to explore the ways in which performance practice can help us to understand or interrogate the events, objects, and archives left to us by the past. We’ll be asking what performance can disclose about the past that other research methods cannot, and how historians can use performance in tandem with other methods to enhance their understanding of their research subjects. We’ll also ask what risks might be inherent in performance-based inquiry and how scholars can address these risks when undertaking their research.

Each of our participants will be bringing two key things to the workshop: a research question and an idea for a performance-based exercise that relates to that question. At the heart of the workshop will be a period of exploration during which participants will have a chance to put their performance-based exercises into practice. Auditors who would like to participate will be extremely welcome to join in these exercises in a "hands-on" way–or you’ll also be welcome to watch them. 🙂

Our workshop will take place from 2:00-5:15 on Monday, May 30–check the CATR programme for details. If you’re going to be in Calgary, we’d love for you to join us! Please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at barkerr if you have any questions.

Very best,

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